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USA customers please contact me for your best price on your first order. You are loosing money and causing excess wear in your TDI.  I am only allowed to link you to retail pricing on my website. You must contact me by email Or call call/txt 860 436 7034 to get our best pricing. We have many pickup locations and same day ship.  Stop loosing money now!

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Price? on March 14, 2011 the delivered price for 5 quarts of AEL with shipping and 6% tax was $54.00. read more?
Buy 507 oil now  buy 55 gal drum amsoil 507.00

CDN Price? on March 14, 2011 5 quarts of AEL in canada was 45.50 plus shipping and tax. read more?

VW diesel engine type TDI Synthetic Oil
TDI Oil filter
TDI Bypass Filter
TDI Air Filter
2010 CBEA 2.0 turbo diesel VW 507 .00
5W30 AEL low ash
VW 504 AEL synthetic 5w30  low ash vw 507 spec price here
57151 BMK21 mount in left
fender well in front
of tire
CJAA 2.0 Turbo Diesel VW 507 .00  AEL synthetic 5w30  low ash vw 507 spec price here
5W30 AEL low ash
HU7197X MANN BMK21 mount in left
fender well in front
of tire
C35154 MANN
C351541 cold MANN
1.9 BEW turbo diesel VW 502.00, 505.00, 505.01
 5W40 AFL
AEL amsoil synthetic 5W40 vw 505.01 price here
BMK21 mount in left
fender well in front
of tire
1.9 BEW ALH turbo diesel VW 502.00, 505.00, 505.01
HU7262X MANN VW 1.9 Diesel bypass
filter install here
C37153 MANN

vw 507 00 Amsoil Synthetic Low Ash 5W30 AELAMSOIL AEL synthetic VW 507 00 5W30  low ash

You are loosing money not using AMSOIL.  You are loosing money on fuel and wear. Amsoil is about no compromises and saving you time. There is a table listing the correct amsoil product for you VW diesel. AEL is the AMSOIL European Car Formula 5W-30 Low Ash Synthetic Motor Oil. It was designed to meet and exceed the new VW 507.00 low ash specification.  In addition to having low SAPS Amsoil AEL provides exceptional performance and protection for high-performance European vehicles made by Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche and more. Its low-viscosity formulation maximizes fuel efficiency without compromising engine protection, while meeting strict European performance requirements for gasoline and direct-injection diesel engines designed for low-viscosity oils. Formulated with low sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur (SAPS), AMSOIL European Car Formula 5W-30 low ash Synthetic Motor Oil AEL complies with modern emissions systems to provide optimum life and performance.Oh almost for got to mention the table has the best TDI air filter also.To get the best price now please go here. 

To find Amsoil for VW products  now click to link to the application guide application guide (filters and fluids capacities are listed also) just start with the year of your vehicle. There you can find capacities, toques, and all our products for your Engine , transmission and air filters. We carry a full line of product for the Powerstroke line. The easiest way to find it all is to click the online appication guide above.  Below I have built a basic table for quick order of oil and filters.s If you have questions please call me (Santana ) call/txt 860 436 7034. If you know your product code ( the three letters )Click the price button next to it, then add to cart. Add prefered customer to cart and get instant savings of 25% -35%. All sizes are available quarts to 55 gallon drums, you can select the size once you go to the price page.. Local pickup is available at many US locations and several Canadian locations. You can call me for the location nearest to you. I would be glad to give you a quote over the phone or walk you through all the options.

The Amsoil AEL VW 507 oil Low-SAPS Formulation. SAPS refers to sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur (SAPS). Other non 507 synthetic motor oils can harm the exhaust treatment devices in your TDI engine. Such a device in your TDI Diesel would be the particulate filter (DPF). The DPT ( diesel particulate filter ) requires low-SAPS Amsoil AEL 507 motor oil to resist filter plugging. AEL AMSOIL European Car Formula 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil’s low-SAPS formulation promotes optimum emissions system performance and life, allowing reduced maintenance costs.

Amsoil AELWe call this AEL.  Synthetic 5w30 motor oil designed European Gas and Diesel engines requring the following specification:   VW 504.00/507.00   ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4   Mercedes-Benz 229.51   BMW LL-04   Porsche C30 Call me 800 692 7109 for warehouse pickup or same day ship.  We have bulk pricing and prefered customer pricing for even greater savings.
		 synthetic 5W30 for VW 507 00 low ash specifications
VW 504.00/507.00
ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4
VW 507 5W30 AEL Mercedes-Benz 229.51
Porsche C30

Save money using Amsoil AEL synthetic  VW 507 00 low ash 5W30 oil! Amsoil AEL is designed to help you achieve Maximum Fuel Economy  AMSOIL European Car Formula AEL 507 low ash is engineered with a lighter 5W-30 viscosity and friction modifiers to reduce friction for increased energy through-put. It minimizes internal engine drag, providing an alternative for motorists currently using heavier-grade oils, but who desire maximum fuel efficiency.

FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP. please contact me for a 6mo trial membership with your first order of at least 5 quarts . You must contact me by email Or call call/txt 860 436 7034. I must put in your order by telephone. Offer is valid while this is on display and only if you place your order as stated and take delivery. I am doing this because I am so confident that you will love this oil and will continue using it in the future. On mar 14th, 2011 the preferred customer price for 5 quarts of Amsoil AEL delivered to ct with tax was about $54.00. Just for comparison it costs about $110.00 for a case of 12.  There is $11.00 of tax in that price.AFL cost a little less. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Amsoil AEL VW507 low ash synthetic 5W30 offers Enhanced Turbocharger Protection. VW Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) engines commonly used in European vehicles require a 507 low ash thermally stable oils that resist deposit formation and provide turbocharger cooling. Thermally stable oils help keep oil passages clean and promote fluid circulation so turbo bearings stay cool and lubricated.

Here is a list of the parts contained in the BMK21 bypass filter kit. This is the bypass filter kit we would recomend for you TDI . It is here because you would probably use it to install a bypass filter system on your VW TDI or regular diesel. There are some optional items listed also:

1. Oil Pressure Sending Unit (existing)
2. Filter Mount Assembly, Spin-On 1 BK-303
 3. Fitting Adapter 4 BP-208
4. 5⁄169 Fender Washer 3 BP-205
5. 5⁄169 Flat Washer 3 BP-120
6. 5⁄169-18 Self Locking Nut 3 BP-121
7. 5⁄169- 18 x 19 Hex Head Bolt 3 BP-122
 8. 1⁄49 I.D. Hose 88 BP-251
9. Hose Fitting 4 BP-261
10. Street “T” (1⁄89 x 1⁄89 x 1⁄89) 1 BP-33
11. Straight “T” (1⁄49 x 1⁄49 x 1⁄49) 1 BP-34
12. 90° Street Elbow, 1⁄89 4 BP-52
13. Bushing 1⁄89 x 1⁄49 1 BP-38
14. Nipple 1⁄49 x 29 1 BP-39
15. Self Tapping Hollow Bolt 1 BP-40
16. Sealing Gasket 1 BP-41 Plastic Tie 2 BP-46 Thread Sealant 1 BP-198 Instruction Sheet 1 BP-83
Optional parts available from AMSOIL INC.
 BP-242 Oil Sampling Kit
BP-67 Oil Return Swivel Fitting
BP-89 Deluxe Oil Sampling Valve 1⁄49 NPT G-1570
By-pass filter element (EaBP90, EaBP100, or EaBP110, as space dictates) (all sold separately)

2005 VW TDI Golf bypass oil filter install BMK21

More detailed information can be found here

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