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Shipping/Pickup: at many local warehouses in the united States. It is simple; just call our number we set up the order then you can pickup the same day. Our 55 gal drums ship for around onehundred thirty and cases are less then twelve dollars. Please call txt 860 436 7034 for specifics.

It's about time !

Welcome to our online store

There was a time when my time was free. My dad had me mow our 1.75 acre yard with a 21in lawnmower because my time was worth nothing. However I learned that by mowing precisely I could finish is six hours instead of seven hours. I could spend time getting lost in little projects. I learned a lot taking things apart. I learned a lot by reading. Not having to watch the clock was great.

Things are different now ! House, cars, bikes, tractors, kids and work. Time is now my most valuable asset. Now when a machine is in need of repair or maintenance it needs to be done quickly and correctly the first time or it might not be done at all. If you are in the same time situation than you are in the right place.  As far as maintanence goes I can help with all your equipment.

I have tried to put test data, white papers and technical service bulletins where you need them. This should save you some time. Just click on them and download them if you wish.

We are all about saving you time on maintenance.  To this end we have everything required to minimize the headache of getting it all done quickly and correctly.  First you look up your car or truck in the online application guide.  The online application guide lists recomended oil, oil filter, air filter, induction systems, spark plugs, wiper blades, cabin filters and bypass filters only if they are available for your application. There is also information on the correct torque for putting it all back together.  For motorcycles, atv, snowmobile, jetskiis and related powersports equipment use the powersports lookup guide.  Once you have found your product you can enter it all into your personal amsoil garage database.  You can even enter your lawn equipment like weedwhipers, chainsaws their filter information ( even if you didn't buy it from amsoil ), and when you changed it.  We will send you an email reminding you when to change a filter or oil so you don't have to look anything up.  That is a fee service.

On many of the pages you will find specifications refering to ASME tests. These refer to specific American Sosiety of Mechanical Engineers standards. You will not find test data like this on any other oils you will find pretty pictures and marketing hype. Some have tried to put down the amsoil product line. You will never find an aritcle about something failing using amsoil oil or amsoil filters. They are just that good.

Antanas Rygelis
52 Stonehedge Lane
Bolton, Ct. 06043
860 436 7034
We do stock product and can deliver

This site was designed to be a phone friendly amsoil site. It should load fast and be viewable on a small screen. There will usually be a price button next to a product . Clicking the price button will transfer you to a full screen secure AMSOIL ordering site. Once there select the quantity you are considering, add it to cart. Add prefered customer to cart and get instant savings of 25% -35%. All sizes are available quarts to 55 gallon drums. We have great bulk oil pricing for groups, commercial accounts and oil change quick lube establishments. To make it easy we offer local pickup at many US locations and several Canadian locations available complete " send me a quote" or call call/txt 860 436 7034 for the location nearest to you

Step 1. Here is the first step to switching to synthetic oil.

In step One you have finished the struggle of oil vs synthetic oil. Your research from the graphs and motoroil comparison tests are complete. Now you can call us at call/txt 860 436 7034 and get the Oil, Oil Filter, air filter, transmission oil and gear oil recomendations from us. Call anytime 24/7 we work late or will call you back. As an alternative you can click on the
Amsoil on line application guide. The amsoil online application guide will list Oil, Oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, cabin filter, injen air induction systems, capacities and torque specifications for your vehicle.  In many cases there will be multiple choices that are organized by your year and engine type. Take a look  there is a lot of information there. If you prefer you can e mail us at: :amsoildealersantana@gmail.com

STEP 2 here is the second step to switching to synthetic oil

In In step 2 we assume that you have ordered at least the oil, new oil filter and 1 can of engine flush per 5 quarts of oil in your engine. If you are going to change the oil yourself just pour the flush into your oil and idle the engine for twenty minutes drain the oil and replace as you normally do.  If you are taking it to a quick lube or an oil change place pour in ( or have the mechanic pour it ) into the oil and idle the engine for twenty minutes before the oil change.  You can E-mail us at :amsoildealersantana@gmail.com
and. we will send back a list of local oil change places in your area.  You must provide your zip code,  since that will be how we will find the location for you.

STEP 3 here is the third step to switching to synthetic oil

In step three you have to dispose of the old oil. Once you find your local place it is pretty easy. You can E-mail us at :amsoildealersantana@gmail.com and. we will send back a list of all the free drop off places in your area.  You must provide your zip code,  since that will be how we will find the location for you.

STEP 4 here is the fourth step to switching to synthetic oil

STEP 4 feel good you helped the enviroment using AMSOIL read why.
When you use amsOil you are not using fossil fuels. Amsoil also provides the option to extend oil drains. Every drain that you skip means that much less oil in a landfill site

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if you would like to read some more you can go here

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